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I started taking a Zumba class in 2010 and really enjoyed exercising for the first time. My instructor name was Kara Torres. She had mentioned to me she was a personal trainer and had a studio. In June of 2011, I weighed more than ever had and my doctor told me I needed to lose 20 pounds because my blood pressure was so high! I knew I needed help, because I tried losing weight before on my own and couldn’t do it, so I called Kara for help. I started personal training with her, I joined EOE and I have loved it from the beginning. She has given me the confidence I needed to exercise, diet, and has challenged me and continues to challenge me, when I thought I couldn’t do it. It has been a lot of hard work, but I have lost over 40 lbs, my blood pressure is down and I feel better than I ever have. I am so glad I met Kara. I know I couldn’t have done it without her. She was there when I needed a friend and continues to be. Thank you Kara so much.

Debbie Ditner

I can’t write this review much about Elements of Exercise, I’m moreso writing this review about my personal trainer, Veronica.

She has a very flexible schedule and wants to make sure that I am getting the attention I need. I actually meet with her once a week in Allen Park and once a week at her gym.

I have been very pleased with the experience and would suggest it to friends/family.

I went to Elements of Exercise during there Open House/1 year Anniversary event. They have been doing classes since 2007, but they opened a brick/mortar studio in the past year.

If you preregistered you could try the classes for free. I tried the Pilates Yoga Fusion and I really enjoyed it. I do Pilates once a week, but hadn’t been 3 weeks prior to coming to Elements of Exercise. The instructor explained each move and it was a peaceful, calm environment. They played soft music and had the area closed off from the light). I felt so much better physically after the stretching we did in the class.

I like that they offer a variety of classes:kettlebell, pole dance, pilates, zumba, and some other classes. In addition to the studio, the instructors teach classes in a variety of off site places throughout the area. The actual studio is somewhat small. You can buy a monthly membership (which entitles you to a variety of classes that are offered) which is reasonable , however if you want to do classes at the off site areas (usually rec. centers, local gyms, etc) you will have to register and pay for that one particular class.
The pricing is a bit different than doing the classes in the studio. They may vary depending on where they are located (YMCA prices may be different from Dearborn Rec. center prices, etc.)

TIP: They usually offer the first class free so you can try them out and see how you like them yourself.





One day I looked in the mirror and all I could see
Was someone so sad, out of energy and unhealthy

I would say to myself tomorrow tomorrow
Only to watch tomorrow come and go with sorrow

Then I said Just Do It what are you waiting for
Take it day by day and you will soar

I stepped on the elliptical and exercised for an hour or so
And realized for once in my life I don’t feel so low

I took my scale and put it to the side
And began my new and exciting ride

To rise to the top slow and guilt free
And to just be the best I can be

It wasn’t easy and it did come with pain
But two years later I am still in the game

I just would not accept defeat
With perserverance and consistency this challenge would be beat

I had fun along the way and made many friends
That have supported me and will continue to do so to the end

I look forward to Zumba
Never thought I could dance
But what the heck I took the chance

Exercise to EOE is fun!
They wont stop until your job is done

EOE has an awesome crew
That will always help you through

Elements of exercise has inspired me in every way
I am thankful for them in my life every day

Love Always
Sharon Cheaitli

Dear Reader,
I am a 50 year old who has said the heck with most aerobic exercise because my cholesterol was bad and I certainly wasn’t losing any weight! One evening I attended a free Zumba class. I was all set to dislike this pretty instructor named Kara who I was sure was going to be the typical Aerobics instructor. Kara told us throw our concerns about looking good, out the door because we would all be to busy watching her to worry about what we looked like. She spun the first tune and my feet took over for my brain. That was almost two years ago. I still haven’t lost any weight.. I will testify that my cholesterol is the best its ever been( doctor is very pleased) and I am not as fatigued as before. Take one session with the instructors of Elements of exercise an you will not be disappointed; you will be to busy dancing your way thru life!
Happy Feet Tarziers..
Marcy J. Tarziers

I have struggled with my weight since High School, but at 5’8” and 220 pounds, I carried my weight well and fluctuated between 220 and 270 for about ten years after graduating. However, after I gave birth to my twins, life became even more hectic. With a full-time Accounting career, college courses, and two infants to care for, the weight piled on. I stopped weighing myself as I saw the numbers creep higher and higher. When I turned 38 years old, I began to experience shortness of breath on a regular basis and my heart raced with minor physical exertion. I began to research Lap Band and Gastric Bypass procedures and had made an initial consultation appointment for the Lap Band. I shared this with my best friend and to put it simply, she went crazy on me. She had read some articles on the dangers of such surgeries and complications later in life because of them. She had started going to Elements of Exercise (EOE) several months before and was doing personal training sessions with Kara Torres. She also told me about her sister-in-law and her friends and the amazing results they had with Kara. She made me promise that I would try EOE for one year before considering any surgical procedures. I figured I had nothing to lose since I had already waited this long and it had worked for so many others.

My initial appointment with Kara was in December of 2010. I dreaded going through the weigh-in and the measurements since I had no idea how much I weighed at this time. I was shocked to see that I was 297 pounds, the heaviest that I have ever been. I kept repeating in in my head, only 3 pounds away from 300. Kara was very kind and supportive during the entire process and she assured me that she had helped others that weighed much more than I did. I made it to my car before I started crying my heart out. I couldn’t believe that I had allowed myself to become this heavy. I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid years ago, but I knew that it wasn’t the reason I had put on the weight. I had used it as a scapegoat, but deep down I knew that bad eating habits and no exercise were to blame. I made the commitment to stop putting everyone else’s needs above my own, and finally put my health first and began to focus on healthy eating habits and exercising regularly. I met with Kara twice a week starting in January of 2011 and soon afterwards incorporated two classes of Zumba at the EOE Studio in Dearborn.
We set a goal of 1 pound per week and I exceeded that goal by rearranging schedules, asking for help from my husband, and for support as needed from friends and family. I couldn’t believe that by doing these things, I was able to accomplish what I had thought impossible. The road has not always been a smooth one and of course I’ve had my speed bumps along the way (sometimes days and sometimes weeks of them), but with the constant support of Kara and the EOE team, I am now down 80 pounds. I participated in many fun activities throughout the year, such as boot camp, 90 day challenge, Zumbathons…the list goes on and on. There is always something new and exciting happening at EOE. I added more classes into my routine to bump it up recently and have met most of the Dearborn EOE team. I can’t describe their level of commitment, motivation, and support; Lourdes, Angie, Veronica, Jamile, Alesia…. I consider them all friends now. Most of all, I can’t begin to thank Kara enough for helping me overcome the many obstacles during this journey and I look forward to continuing it until I reach my ultimate goal.





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