Jamelie Hadous

My journey stared in the summer of 2011 when I felt like there was no hope at getting my body back into shape. I joined a Zumba class at the DISC offered by EOE for 8wks. I was in heaven! LOVED the music and all the routines, I felt like a sexy Seniorita! Even though I had never danced in my life I didn’t care, I moved to the music and was hooked. September came around and I saw EOE had opened a studio! I joined right away. That was the best decision I had ever made. My life turned around completely. A few months later I applied to be an instructor. Four years later I can tell you that I have the best job ever because I can now help people with their fitness goals. I know what they are going through, and I love seeing their transformation. I’m a strong believer that we are all capable but we might be at different levels but I promise to modify and take the steps that you need to get there. We’ll smile the whole way through! I’m very passionate about what I do and would love to be a part of your journey. I currently teach Zumba, Total Body Bootcamp, Yoga Pilates, P90X, Zumba Gold, POUND, Zumba Toning, Piloxing, and Kettlebell, I am trained in RIPPED and aqua classes also.

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