Ultimate Circuit/Interval Training Class

Circuit training is a combination of high-intensity aerobics and resistance training designed to be easy to follow, give you a great workout, and target fat loss, muscle building and heart-lung fitness. This class begins with 15 minutes of aerobic warm-up and stretching. Each person is then placed at a station and is taken through the entire 30 minute circuit. The circuit contains exercises using steps, jump ropes, kettle bells, medicine balls, weights, stability balls, and other various exercise equipment. This fun, challenging class will keep your body and mind moving to achieve maximum results! You will be working every major muscle group in the body. This class is designed to tone, build, or maintain, depending on individual goals. You will burn tons of calories and tone your body. The 30 minute circuit is followed by a 10 minute group abdominal program and 5 minutes of stretching and then you are out the door! It is many, many, workouts in one. *Mat needed*

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