Since it is common to lose muscle mass and bone strength with age, it is crucial that older adults work out frequently with light weights to train their bodies to stay pliable, strong and fnal. Enter NEW Zumba Gold® Toning, the optimum blend of sexy Zumba rhythms and steps and the sculpting strength training of Zumba® Toning, designed specifically to be safe and effective—but still an absolute blast—for the active older adult as well as those just beginning to adopt a fitness-oriented lifestyle. Gold takes our Zumba basic program and makes Zumba accessible to active older adults, de-conditioned, pregnant, and those recovering from injuries. Zumba Gold class is given standing and seated. It incorporates fun music and Latin and international dance rhythms. It’s a great way to give more excitement and spice to everyone’s workout! 1.5 LB TONING STICKS AVAILABLE FOR USE OR PURCHASE FROM INSTRUCTOR

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