Zumba TONING 2.5

Zumba Toning class combines salsa, hip hop, samba, merengue, cumbia, reggaeton and belly dancing moves and is customizable for men and women at all fitness levels., there’s no choreography to remember, so don’t be nervous if you’re not a trained dancer. The instructor just changes from doing one step over and over to another step, so the class has a fluid progression. Zumba enthusiasts stress that a typical class doesn’t feel like a workout at all, but a dance party. Zumba routines include interval training with both fast and slow rhythms. Classes also use resistance training to tone muscles while burning fat. Zumba Toning class which uses toning sticks, 2.5 pound weights that double as maracas to up the fun (and muscle building) level.. The combination of resistance training along with the rhythmic flow of these weighted Toning Sticks has created a one-of-kind cardio-toning interval dance training class designed to chisel your entire physique! Apply the Zumba Formula and once again you have ‘Exercise in Disguise! Join the Party…Ditch the workout! Toning sticks available for use in 2.5 lbs (first 20 participants) and 1.5 lbs.

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